WP1: Development of the DirectSepa process


1. Simulation and design of DirectSepa reactor and its supporting systems.

2. Fabrication, assembly, and testing of the reactor, peripheral instruments, and in situ monitoring systems.

3. Development and testing of the direct separation module for the reactor.

4. Demonstrating small-scale continuous graphene production (simultaneous growth and separation).

To reach the technological objectives of the DirectSepa project a new scaled-up reactor capable of growing large graphene flakes and allowing the investigation of different separation mechanisms is being designed, manufactured, and tested. The DirectSepa reactor should allow for both in situ monitoring of graphene growth on LMCats (e.g. liquid Cu, Sn, and Ga) as well as in situ monitoring of separated graphene. When both the growth and separation modules have been successfully tested independently, the next objective will be to perform a simultaneous graphene growth and separation in the DirectSepa reactor.