DirectSepa is visiting Puzzle X

November 2022

Gertjan van Baarle and Marc de Voogd from Leiden Probe Microscopy are, on behalf of the DirectSepa consortium, visiting the puzzle-X conference in Barcelona. They are there to widen the network and to potentially find and cooperate with a partner to make our high-quality graphene suitable for the specific application of the partner. Their message is: 'think about your applications and let us talk about how we can help to get you the best graphene for your application!'

Direct separation experiments started

October 2022

In September the final components arrived for installing and testing the direct separation from graphene from liquid copper. In Oktober we proved that everything in the setup works successfully. Various separation tools and techniques are going to be tested in the coming months. But for now, nothing can stop our excitement, because everything we do here is unexplored by science and is pushing technical innovation!

DirectSepa consortium visiting Leiden

September 2022

DirectSepa consortium is visiting the experimental setup in Leiden and discuss future plans. The consortium discussed various paths for the furture. One is a follow up on the scientific track and study the growth of other materials on LMCats. The other track is further industrializing the production of excellent graphene that we can grow now. With or without direct separation, we believe that the method of growing graphene on LMCats should be industrialized due to its excellent crystallinity.