Online Lorentz Workshop: Nanomaterial Formation at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces

From/to date:  Mon, 2020-11-02 09:30 to Fri, 2020-11-06 14:00

Location:  Online workshop via MS-Teams

Scientific organizers: Mehdi Saedi, Irene Groot, Maciej Jankowski

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  • Synthesis of 2D materials on liquid metal catalysts
  • Synthesis of nanowires/tubes via vapor-liquid-solid mechanisms
  • (Electro)chemical synthesis of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces
  • Assembly and interactions of nanomaterials at fluid-fluid interfaces
  • Molecular formation at fluid-fluid interfaces in soft-matter and biological systems
  • Experimental and theoretical techniques for nanomaterials at fluid-fluid interfaces
  • Industrial prospects of fluid-fluid interfaces for nanomaterials synthesis