Industrially scaled metallurgical graphene manufacturing


Piotr Kula

Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, 90-924 Lodz, Poland



The novelty of the presentation is the mechanism of graphene  growth from the liquid phase on the bimetallic Cu-Ni substrates. It will describe stages of nucleation as well as graphene flakes growth and self-organizing of them which have been revealed and identified. Additionally,  the effect of zone refining has been observed and confirmed. The mechanism of the studied phenomena and process organization will be presented, together with industrially scaled equipment and technology for metallurgical graphene manufacturing. It enables the growth of quasi-mono crystalline and low defected graphene on large substrates of area up to ca. 1 m2. Furthermore, the selected issues of metallurgical graphene quality assessment and graphene transfer will be discussed, as well as several applications examples will be shown.